Neomax® Topcoat T14

Neomax® Topcoat T14 is a 2-component polyurethane-based material used to make the protective topcoat for waterproofing layers based on polyurethane, polyurea or other painting base. The finished Neomaxâ Topcoat T14 serve an incredible features of UV protection, abrasion resistance, color stability and better aesthetics for the finished works.

Coating layer with UV protection and abrasion resistance features for polyurethane and polyurea painting layers;
Finishing topcoat layer for commercial and industrial floors;
Protective coating layer for different construction structures, such as concrete, steel, etc...;

Easy to use;
Great adhesion on different substrates: Polyurethane, polyurea, aluminium, steel, iron, and concrete, etc...;
Incredibale UV protection ability;
Good abrasion resistance feature;
Suitable for high humidity and changing temperature environment;
Color durability;
Glossy surface, easy to clean;
Long allowed construction time;
Walkable on the topcoat surface;
Friendly to the environment and human health.

Component A:
State: Liquid;
Color: Green, grey or per customer's request.

Component B:
State: Liquid;
Color: White transparent. 

5.0 kg set:
Component A: 4 kg;
Component B: 1 kg.

20 kg set:
Component A: 16 kg;
Component B: 4 kg.

Or per customer's specific request.

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area; 
Do not expose to direct light;
Neomax® Topcoat T14 is easily flammable. It is required to be stored away from heat source and open flame. 

SHELF LIFE: 12 months since the production date.

CONSUMPTION:  0.15 - 0.3 kg/ m2.



Working time: ≤ 60 minutes

Tack free time:  4 - 6 hours

Complete curing time: ≥  24 hours

Adhesion on polyurethane or polyurea substrate:  Very good

Exposure to Ultra-Violet light, 1000 hours (ASTM D4587): No affect

Adhesion strength on concrete surface of 30 MPa, surface humidity is no more 8% (ASTM D4541): ≥ 2.0 MPa

The ability of corrosion resistance to chloride ions: Good

Notes: All above technical properties are tested in the standard experiment conditions with temperature of 25oC and moisture of 50%. All tested samples are at the age of 28 days.

The waterproofing surfaces with Neomax® 201 or other paintings, before applying Neomax® Topcoat T14 need to be completely clean and free from grease, oil, dust or other impurities, and completely dry;
Immediately apply Neomax® Topcoat T14 within 24 hours after finishing the waterproofing layer with Neomax® 201.

Mixing ratio A : B = 4 : 1 (by weight);
Open component A bucket, use a mixer to stir component A in 
2 - 3 minutes. Then slowly pour component B into the bucket of component A and keep stirring in 2 - 3 minutes until we get a homogeneous mixture;
Note: during mixing time, keep the mixer arms deep into the mixture to prevent any unnecessary airflow. It is recommended to use slow mixer. 

Use Neomax® Topcoat T14 for construction right after finishing the mixing work. Make use of dedicated brushers, rollers or special sprayers;
Consumption norms: 0.15 - 0.3 kg/m2 (according to specific conditions of the substrate).

Allowed working time is 60 minutes (depending on the surrounding temperature);
Only working in the dry and convenient weather conditions.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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