Neomax® Primer P11

Neomax® Primer P11 is a polyurethane-based, one component primer with low viscosity for polyurea, polyurethane coating layers or other types.
This is a special design used to improve the adhesion ability of coating layers with substrates.

Working as a primer layer for the substrates before applying other polyurea or polyurethane-based coating layers...;
Mixing with cement by the ratio of 1:1 to make a great mixture to fix, repair different substrates or concrete cracks.

One-component, easy to work;
Great adhesion ability to most substrates;
Very high hardness after completely dry;
Low viscosity;
Quick curing time;
 Good permeability to different substrates. 

State: Liquid;
Color: Light yellow.

1.5 kg/bucket;
5.0 kg/bucket;
Or per customer's special request.

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area;
Do not expose it to direct light;
Neomax® Primer P11 is easily flammable. It is required to be stored away from heat source and open flame.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months since the production date.

0.1 - 0.2 kg/m2.



Tack free time:  1 ÷ 2 hours

Adhesion strength on concrete surface of 30 Mpa, surface humidity is no more than 8% (ASTM D4541): ≥ 3.0 MPa

Notes: All above technical properties are tested in the standard experiment conditions with temperature of 25oC and moisture of 50%. 

Any working surfaces, either new or old, ceramic tiles or normal tiles, etc, shall be grinded by specialized grinding machines;
All working surfaces must be completely clean and free from dust, grease and impurities which shall affect the adhesion ability of Neomax® Primer P11;
According to different surface conditions, Neomax® Primer P11 can be mixed with cement following the ratio of 1:1 to fix different defects, porosity, damage, etc. of the substrates;
Carefully check the surface humidity. Working humidity should not be more than 8%.

Only work with Neomax® Primer P11 when the humidity, flatness and stiffness of the substrate meet the designed requirements;
Apply the product with a roller, brush or specialized sprayer.
At least 1-2 layers are required with the theoretical consumption for one layer of 0.1 - 0.2 kg/m2;
Apply other coating layers after Neomax® Primer P11 layer is completely dry which costs about 1 - 2 hours after finishing (at 25°C);
Neomax® Primer P11 can be mixed with such solvents as xylene, toluene... The solvent amount should not exceed 10% of total amount of Neomax® Primer P11.

The perfect mechanical properties of Neomax® Primer P11 are achieved fully after 28 days;
Do not dilute the product with water or any solvents;
Only working in the dry and convenient weather conditions.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet


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