Neomax® C102 Flex

Neomax® C102 Flex is a 2-component elastic waterproofing compound comprising of liquid polymer and cement. The product includes a mixture in powder form (special cement and additives) with a synthetic polymer resin component in liquid form;
The finished coating layer is fully elastic with incredible adhesion and great crack-bridging ability.

Neomax® C102 Flex is used to make a waterproofing coating layer for:
Exposed roofs; 
Terrace, yard; 
Balconies, loggia; 
Green balconies, flower-beds;
Basement floors and walls, pits of lifts;
Swimming pools, water tank for fire extinguishment;
Sewage tanks;
Aquarium for ornamental creatures;
Other underground sections.

Easy to work with the support of brushes, rollers and specialized sprayers;
Possible to apply on damp surfaces;
Excellent adhesion to different surfaces;
Full elasticity
Able to fill different cracks of substrates;
Non-toxic and friendly to water sources even with direct contact;
It can be applied for drinking water tanks.

Component A:
State: Powder;
Color: Grey.

Component B:
State: Liquid;
Color: Milky white.

20 Kg/set:
Component A: 12.6 kg;
Component B: 7.4 kg.

27 Kg/set:
Component A: 17 kg;
Component B: 10 kg.

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area; 
Do not expose to direct light.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months since the production date.

CONSUMPTION:  1.0 kg/m2/layer. At least 2 layers are required.



Working time: ≤ 30 minutes

Complete curing time: ≥  4 hours

Tensile strength (ASTM D412): ≥ 1.0 MPa

Elongation at break (ASTM D412): ≥ 150 %

Tensile adhesion strength after water contact (BS EN 14891:2007):  ≥ 1.0 MPa

Tensile adhesion strength after heat ageing (BS EN 14891:2007): ≥ 1.0 MPa

Crack-bridging ability under standard conditions (BS EN 14891:2007): ≥ 0.75 mm

Impermeability to water under pressure at 1.5 bar after 7 days (BS EN 14891:2007): Impermeable

Notes: All above technical properties are tested in the standard experiment conditions with temperature of 25oC and moisture of 50%. All tested samples are at the age of 28 days.

All working surfaces must be completely clean and free from dust, grease and impurities;
The water-absorbing surface needs to be saturated but no more excessive water trapped.

Mixing ratio of A : B =1.7 : 1 (by weight);
Use an electric mixer at speeds of 400 - 600 rpm to mix the two components;
Pour all component B in the mixing bucket, then slowly adding component A while keeping stirring thoroughly.
Mixing time is from 3 – 5 minutes until we get a homogeneous mixture.

Applying the product with a roller, brush or specialized sprayer;
Theoretical consumption: 1.0 - 1.5 kg/m2/layer;
At least 2 layers are required. The working interval between two layers is about 2-4 hours and the application directions of two layers are perpendicular;
Working time: 30 minutes at the temperature of 25 ± 2°C.

No water is allowed to contact with the coatings for 4 hours after construction. For outdoor items, in case it rains, it is necessary to take measures to cover and protect the coating carefully;
Do not add water to the mixture while stirring.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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