Neomax® Ucem F1

Neomax® Ucem F1 is the finishing coating for heavy-duty floors which is self-leveling, three-component, polyurethane hybrid based and solvent-free;
The finished product is hard-wearing and durable; the finished surface is highly aesthetic; has great resistance against chemicals, heat shock, abrasion, slipping and high mechanical impacts.

Neomax® Ucem F1 is applied for the new finishing of industrial floors requiring special features and high aesthetics or maintenance and repair works. For example, the floor of such projects as:
Chemical plants;
Pharmaceutical factories;
Food processing factories; Including seafood processing factories, freezers or coolers, confectionery, beer and beverage factories, etc.;
Other industrial factories and workshops: Textile factories,
Electronics factories, supermarkets, automobile garages, aircraft repair garages, etc.

Self-levelling, easy application;
Good temperature resistance;
Excellent chemical, abrasion and mechanical resistance;
Great adhesion to concrete surfaces;
Smooth, matt surface, easy to clean and maintain;
Multiple choices of colors, aesthetic finished surfaces;
Very good life cycle cost performance;
Good slip resistance properties;

Component A - Aggregate:
State: Powder;
Color: Green or per customer’s requirement..

Component B - Resin:
State: Liquid;
Color: Milky white.

Component C - Hardener:
State: Liquid;
Color: Brown.

21.4 kg set:
Component A: 14 kg;
Component B: 3.9 kg;
Component C: 3.5 kg.

Or per customer's specific request.

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area; 
Do not expose to direct light;

SHELF LIFE: 06 months since the production date.

2.0 - 2.5 kg/m2 for a coating layer of 1mm thick (depending on different surface conditions);
The coating thickness should be 3mm or more.



Working time: 15 - 20 minutes

Complete curing time: 72 hours

Working temperature (6mm thick coating layer): -25°C - 80°C.

Permability: No

Compressive strength (ASTM C579):
3 days: ≥ 35 MPa
7 days: ≥ 45 MPa

Tensile strength at 7 days of age (ASTM C580): ≥ 21 MPa

Adhesion on M30 concrete surface (ASTM D4541): ≥ 2.0 MPa

Adhesion on steel substrate with SA 2.5 required surface (ASTM D4541): ≥ 4.5 MPa

Notes: All above technical properties are tested in the standard experiment conditions with temperature of 25oC and moisture of 50%. All tested samples are at the age of 7 days.

Working concrete surface must be solid, clean, free from dirt, grease and other contaminants;
The mortar layer or cement paste layer of weak strength must be grinded off from the concrete surface. The concave, hollow, defective positions must be repaired and patched with specialized repair mortar;
The working surface must be completely dry. Workability humidity of the surface must be less than 12%.

Open the bucket of component A and B. Then pour all component B into a bucket, and slowly pour the component A into the bucken while keeping stirring thoroughly in 3-5 minutes by a mixer of 400 - 600 rpm to get a homogeneous mixture;
Pour all component C into the mixture and continue to stir in about 2 - 3 minutes until the mixture is completely homogeneous.

After mixing Neomax® Ucem F1, with the support of a dedicated blade, immediately apply the mixture on the working surface until the required thickness is reached.
Consumption: 2.0 - 2.5 Kg/m2/mm, it is recommended to reach the thickness of 3 - 6 mm;
2 layers are required:
- Primer: By Neomax® Ucem F1 with 1mm thick.
- Coating: Neomax® Ucem F1 with required coating thickness should be applied after the primer layer is dry (after 24 hours);
It is recommended to use spiked roller to break all air bubbles;
Working time must be less than 20 minutes (depending on different environment temperatures).

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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