Neomax® Grout C80

Neomax® Grout C80 is a type of ready-mixed cement-based grout, self-flowing, self-leveling, non-shrink, high strength, with high waterproofing and anti-corrosion abilities. Neomax® Grout C80 is design with outstanding features, suitable for transportation, irrigation, civil and industrial projects with high technical requirements. 

Neomax® Grout C80 suitable for civil construction projects, power plants, cement production factories, oil refineries, fertilizer plants, bridge building projects, etc. namely:
Machine foundations;
Rail foundations;
Reinforced concrete foundations;
Anchor bolts;
Construction joints of rural bridges and railways; 
Holes in concrete floor and concrete wall; 
Fixing defects of concrete structures;
Construction joints;
Joints of assembled concrete components.

Great free-flowing and self-leveling features;
Non-shrink and stable in volume;
No bleeding;
High strength;
Easy to use;
Excellent for pumping;
High economic efficiency;
Incredible water proofing and anti-corrosion ability.

State: Powder;
Color: gray.

25 kg/bag.

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area; 
Do not expose it to direct light.

SHELF LIFE: 06 months since the production date.

Mixing ratio of water 12 - 14% by weight;
3.0 - 3.5 liters of clean water for 25kgs of grout.

Fresh grout mixture: ~2.19 kg/liter;
Volume of ready-mixed fresh grout is about 13.0 liters. 

77 bags of Neomax® Grout C80 (25kg/bag) for 1 m3 of fresh grout



Flow table spread (ASTM C230): 
- At initial: ≥ 28 cm;
- After 15 minutes: ≥ 26 cm;
- After 30 minutes: ≥ 22 cm.

Bleeding (ASTM C940): 0.0 %

Pre-hardened expansion, 3 hours (ASTM C940): 0.0 ÷ 2.0 %

Setting time (ASTM C403):
- Initial: ≥ 3 hours;
- Final: ≤ 10 hours.

Compressive strength (ASTM C109 / ASTM C942):
- 01 day: ≥ 40 MPa;
- 03 days: ≥ 60 MPa;
- 07 days: ≥ 70 MPa;
- 28 days: ≥ 80 MPa.

Notes: All above technical properties are tested in the standard experiment conditions with temperature of 25oC and moisture of 50%. 

All working concrete surfaces must be completely clean and free from dust, grease and impurities;
The formwork must be installed firmly without any leakage; 
The water-absorbing surface needs to be saturated but no more excessive water trapped.

Water consumption is about 12 – 14% of total volume of Neomax® Grout C80. It is necessary to use 3.0 to 3.5 liters of water for 1 bag (25kgs) of dry product.
Use an electric mixer at speeds of 400-600 rounds/minute to mix the product;
Pour the needed volume of water into the mixing bucket, then slowly adding Neomax® Grout C80 while keeping stirring thoroughly;
Mixing time is about 5 minutes until we get a homogeneous mixture;
After mixing, keep the bucket fixed in 2-3 minutes to remove all bubbles completely.

Use the mortar mixture right after finishing the mixing work, total allowed working time is 30 minutes at the temperature of 25 ± 2°C.
Use a dedicated or free-flow pump, ensure the mortar flow to be smooth and continuous.
The maximum thickness of 01 layer is 10cm. In case the total working thickness is more than 10cm, more than 1 layer are required and to be applied one by one.
To reduce the initial hydration heat, cold water can be used to mix mortar or plaster stones with the particle size of 1.7 - 5.0mm to mix with fresh mortar mixture. Plaster stones in use must be clean and dry before adding to the ready-mixed mortar bucket. The suitable volume of plaster stones can be 50-100% compared to the quantity of dry mortar.
Adding any aggregate to the mortar mixture will change the primary properties of the product.

Finished product must be maintained properly as other cement-based products. Apply all reasonable measures to minimize any type of water loss due to evaporation by such available materials as wet bags, plastic coverage materials or other suitable maintenance mixtures.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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