Neomax® Sepcon

Neomax® Sepcon is a formwork release agent which has been emulsified in a concentrated form, before being applied, it can be mixed with water following a recommended ratio prescribed in the usage information. This product is used to create a non-stick coating for (wooden, steel, etc,) formworks in shaping concrete, bricks, and tiles, making it easier to dismalt and clean formworks, increasing the using efficiency.

Create a non-stick coating for (wooden, steel, etc,) formworks in shaping concrete, bricks, and tiles;
Neomax® Sepcon can be mixed with water before use.

Advanced formwork release features;
Easty to remove formworks or moulds from hardened concrete;
Minimise form stripping time
Ensure defect-free finish and aesthetics of the concrete surface.
No impact on the concrete quality in terms of
its surface contacting with Neomax® Sepcon;
Protect steel formwork against corrosion, rust, etc.
Can be used for such formworks to make concrete structures cured in steam curing equipment;
Can be used on damp formworks.

State: Liquid;
Color: Milky white.

05 liters/bottle;
10 liters/bottle;
200 liters/drum,

Store the product in a dry, cool and well ventilated area; 
Do not expose to direct light.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months since the production date.


Before applying Neomax® Sepcon the surface of formworks or moulds should be clean and free from grease and remaining concrete.

Mix 1 liter of Neomax® Sepcon with 6 - 8 liters of water, then slowly stirring the mixture in 03 - 05 minutes to get a homogeneous mixture. The homogenous mixture is milky white;
Consumption (mixture with water);
- Wooden formworks: 10 - 20 m2/liter;
- Plastic or metal formworks: 20 - 30 m2/liter;
Spray or apply a thin layer of Neomax® Sepcon covering dry or damp formworks;
It is recommended to shape the products (concrete, bricks) after the surface of the non-stick layer Neomax® Sepcon is dry.

It is necessary to thorougly stir the mixture while using;
Carefully estimate the necessary volome for preparation;
Protect newly finished Neomax® Sepcon from rainwater;
Do not allow Neomax® Sepcon contact with the reinforcement part of the concrete.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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